Q. What guns do you work on?
A. Most guns. Depending on the service requested we may not accept certain firearms. We do not service air guns and the like.

Q. What is your turnaround time?
A. Each job is different and may require more or less time.

Q. Do I need to complete a background check to pick up my serviced firearm?
A. No.

Q. Is my firearm ready to be picked up?
A. You will be contacted via phone and email when your firearm is ready for pickup. As our bench time is precious we ask that you please not call to check on the status of your firearm.

Q. Can I bring my NFA items to you for work?
A. Yes.

Q. I can’t find a part for my firearm. Can you make it for me?
A. Possibly. We handle one off parts on a case by case basis.

Q. I’m mailing in a firearm to be serviced. What needs to be included?
A. Please include a completed Service Request Form, the complete firearm and at least one magazine so that it can be test fired.

Q. Can I send in an incomplete/disassembled firearm to be blued?
A. Yes. Please include a printed, detailed list of all parts to be blued.

Q. Will you blue something that isn’t a firearm?
A. If it fits in our bluing tanks we will blue it.

Q. Will you give me a quote over the phone or email?
A. No. Until the firearm is in our hands we cannot properly assess any work.